The standard packing units can always be delivered ex stock. We can also supply any other quantity upon request. The smallest order amount is 1 box with 50 pieces for  Argo sublimating tailor’s chalk and Argo wax tailor’s chalk; 1 box with 25 pieces for Argo tailor’s chalk no. 12. Sizes and weights are approximate values. Delivery: From current production.

With the variety of fabrics, their composition and equipment, it can happen that the markings of our products cannot be removed or with some difficulty. We therefore recommend testing the removal of our chalk and auxiliary materials in advance. We assume no liability for any damages resulting therefrom. Damage from mechanical harm to fabrics, etc., which occurs from the handling of the chalk, etc. will not be acknowledged. We are available for expert advice at any time. All prices are subject to value added tax, freight and packing charges (standard packing units are not subject to packing charges). Our delivery and payment terms of 01 June 1993 apply exclusively.